Taming Selenium Tests in .Net with Inheritance and Method Chaining

If you have some experience writing Selenium tests, you’ve probably ran into issues where your tests occasionally fail due to what appears to be missing elements on pages being tested. Typically the way to solve that problem is to “wait” for the missing element to be present in the DOM before issuing statements that interact […]

NPM, Webpack and SASS Setup for DotNetNuke Skin Development

I recently had to do development work for a freelance client on the DotNetNuke CMS (all judgement on said client’s life/CMS choices are withheld in this article), and I wanted to use best practices for the front-end development requirements. I browsed around looking for a guide for setting up Webpack, and the latest NPM packages […]

How to Bulk import Hierarchical WordPress Categories with a little help from Google Sheets

Demo CSV Disclaimer: this bulk-import strategy requires running SQL against your WordPress’ MySQL database. If you prefer not to touch databases directly, you should consider going the plugin route. Also, this example uses a list of continents and countries which may or may not apply to your particular circumstances. The best wordpress plugin that I […]